Booklets and Pamphlets by John Wijngaards

GOD AND OUR NEW SELVES, Catholics for a Changing Church, London 2006, 18 pp.
JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, Catholic Truth Society, London 1998, 88 pp.
GANDHI, Stichting Getuigenis, Eindhoven 1985, 34 p.
PAUL ON JUSTIFICATION, Missionary Institute London, 1985.
ONLINE HOW TO BE A PEACEMAKER, Catholic Truth Society, London 1985, 24 pp. UK edition
ONLINE HOW EXCITING IS WONDER, Catholic Enquiry Centre, London 1984, 16 pp.
ONLINE JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN, Catholic Enquiry Centre, London 1984, 16 pp.
ONLINE FACE TO FACE WITH WHOM?, Catholic Enquiry Centre, London 1984, 16 pp.
ONLINE THE BREATH THAT IS ME, Catholic Enquiry Centre, London 1984, 16 pp.
ONLINE THE TOUCH OF TENDERNESS, Catholic Enquiry Centre, London 1984, 24 pp.
OBJECTIONS TO THE GOSPELS, Catholic Truth Society, London 1981, 14 pp. Separate editions
published in Malaysia and in South Africa. Also published in North India in
Urdu 1983. Reprinted by C.T.S as “CAN WE TRUST THE GOSPELS?, 1985.
ONLINE WHAT IS BIBLICAL SPIRITUALITY?, Catholic Truth Society, London 1979, 32 pp.; also
published by the Liturgical Catechetical Institute Geroka, Papua New Guinea
1978; Chinese, Hong Kong 1978, translated by L. Liu and Mark Ch’en.
CHRIST FOR ANDHRA, Amruthavani, Hyderabad 1975, 16 pp.
PASTORAL COUNCILS IN INDIA, CBCI Centre, Delhi 1975, 54 pp
THE BIG MOVE, Discovery Series No. 1, Hyderabad 1975, 40 pp.
GOD OR NO GOD?, Discovery Series No.2, Hyderabad 1975, 40 pp.
THINKING ABOUT GOD, Lecturers Guide for “God or no God?” Hyderabad 1975, 72 pp.


THE DISCOVERY SERIES, Documentation on Religious Topics for College Students,
Lecturers Guide, Hyderabad 1973, 20 pp.
NEW PRIORITIIES IN ANDHRA: COMMUNICATIONS, Amruthavani, Secunderabad 1971, 19 pp.
VOCATIONS IN ANDHRA, Nagendra Press, Hyderabad 1967, 60 pp.

5. Chapters in

‘Women Bishops? Views in the Roman Catholic Church, Official and Otherwise’, in WOMEN AND THE EPISCOPATE, ed. James Rigney & Mark Chapman, Continuum, New York
‘Reincarnazione Pragmatica’, in RELIGIONI E SETTE NEL MONDO, GRIS, Bologna
‘God in My Bones’, in UPDATING GOD, ed by W. Schwartz, Marshall Pickering, Basignstoke 1988.
‘How the Bible says it’, in CATHOLIC DIGEST. FAVORITE STORIES OF FIFTY YEARS, ed by H. Lexau, Ignatius Press, San Francisco 1986.
‘On Planning Scripture Studies’, in AT THE HEART OF THE CHURCH, Catholic Charismatic Renewal Vth International Leaders Conference 1984, Rome 1984.
‘Wayfarers in a New Age’ (with P. Dirven), in MISSION IN DIALOGUE, ed by M.Motte and J.R.Lang, Orbis Books, Maryknoll 1981.
‘The Ministry of Women and Social Myth’, in NEW MINISTRIES IN INDIA, ed. D.S.Amalorpavadass, NBCLC, Bangalore 1977.
‘God – Reality beyond Language’, in DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONALITY,ed. R.H. Lesser, All Indian Association for Christian Higher Education, Delhi 1976, pp.119-138.
‘Christian Radiance’, in MISSION SPIRITUALITY ed. C. Srambical, Sat Prachar Press, Indore 1976, pp.52-69.
‘The Integration into Scripture of Originally non-Jewish Religious Literature’, in RESEARCH SEMINAR ON NON-BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES, ed by D.S.Amalorpavadass, NBCLC, Bangalore 1975.
‘Witness of the Spirit in Evangelisation’, in SERVICE AND SALVATION, Papers of the Nagpur Theological Conference on Evangelisation, ed. D.S. Amalorpavadass, Bangalore TPI 1973.
‘Apostolate among Muslims’, in LIGHT AND LIFE WE SEEK TO SHARE, Papers of the All India Consultation on Evangelization, Patna 1973.
‘Will Consultation Increase our Efficiency?’ in CHURCH IN INDIA TODAY, CBCI, New Delhi 1969.

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