vader-moederklein  Trick photograph combining early shots of my father, N C H Wijngaards, and my mother, L C M van Hoesel. dietze15years  My mother when she was 15 years old. dietze18years  My mother at 18. moeder bronkh  My mother was governess of the Bronkhorst children for a while. Here she poses with onee of the children.
moederbronkhorst  My mother with all the four Bronkhorst children. vanhoesel daughters  In my mother's family were four daughters. Here they are all together: front (l. to r.) Nel and my mother; back Bep and Carolien. Nieksr16years  My father at 16 years old. Nieksr18years  My father when he was 18 or 19.
NiekSratTTC  My father, left, with two fellow students at the Teachers Training College in Hilversum. vadervoetbal  My father was a member of the TTC's football team. He stands in the back row, second from the left. Scan 20141217  My father and mother on their wedding day in May 1933. vanhoesels  My mother's family around 1930. Front row (from left to right): Nel, Johannes van Hoesel, Lamberdina van Hoesel- van Ditshuizen and Aloys. Back row: Carel, Dietze (my mother), Bep, Frans, Carolien, Jo and Piet. My mother was the eldest.
afscheid  Farewell party on board the St, Marnix van Aldegonde when my parents left for Indonesia in 1933. Back row (left to right): Grandfather Wijngaards, Grandmother Wijngaards-Beek, my mother, my father, Grandmother van Hoesel-van Ditshuizen, Grandfather van Hoesel. inscheping  My father and mother boarding the ship.