Our backgarden in Malang. From left to right: me, Niek jr, Uncle Frans, father, Uncle Jo and Carel.
Overview map of the locations in East Java where we lived from 1933 - 1945.
Old map of the part of Malang in which we lived. This quarter was known as the 'Bergenbuurt' [= Dutch for mountain quarter: the street were called after mountains. The map indicates: (1) the Tamponmas Street where we lived from 1940-1941; (2) the Merbabu Park Street which became part of our camp from 1941-1942; (3) our parish church.
tamponmas 1941
View of the front of our house in the Tamponmas Street 14. Mother, with new-born Aloys in the pram and the other three of us, Carel, Niek jr and I (hardly visible), on the right of the pram. Foto from 1941.
Fuller view of our backgarden in the Tampunmas Street at Malang. Front row (left to right): Carel, myself and Niek jr. Second row: Uncle Frans, mother and Uncle Jo. Both Frans and Jo were teaching brothers who taught in Malang.
tamponmas 2001
The Tamponmas Street as Jackie and I found it in 2001 during our visit to Malang.
vader wij
My father with the three of us: me (left), Niek jr and Carel.
Mother and Uncle Frans on the verandah. Below: Carel (left), me and Niek jr.
parish church
The church where we attended Mass on Sundays.
bezoek fraters
Here we are visiting the highschool run by the teaching brothers (Fraters van Tilburg) on the Tjelaket Boulevard in Malang.
Left: mother, Uncle Frans with Carel, father, myself and Uncle Jo.
bezoek fraters2
Another view of our backgarden: mother, Niek jr, Uncle Frans, Carel, me and Uncle Jo.
Walking at the end of the Tampunmas Street: father, Niek jr, Carel, Uncle Frans, Uncle Jo and I.
brothersschool 1940
Picture from 1940 in the secondary school (M.U.L.O.) run by the teaching brothers of Utrecht of which my two uncles were members. From left to right: Uncle Frans, Carel, Father, myself and Uncle Jo.
brothersschool 2001
Picture of the school as it was when Jackie and I visited it in 2001. Little has changed to the building - notice the small tower as in the previous picture!
Photo taken during an outing with school staff and families. Father and mother, standing extreme right, holding Niek. Carel and I are sitting on top of the bus.
moeder wij
Another scene: Uncle Frans, Mother and Uncle Jo, me and Carel.
Aloys was born in Malang in 1941. Here we see: mother, Aloys, myself, Carel and Niek jr.
When the Japanese occupied Malang, we had to move to the Merbabu Park Street. Here Mother, Aloys and Carel in the Merbabu park.
vader berg
Father with two friends on one of his mountain trips. Father stands high on the post that marks the peak.
vader leger1
After the fall of Pearl Harbour, at the start of the war, father too was called up to serve in the army of the Dutch Indies. Here we see him posing, during exercises near Malang. He stands second from the left.
vader leger2
Soldiers of father's platoon in front of their barracks in Malang. Father stands first row second from the left.
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