After the war, in 1946, we returned from Thailand to the Netherlands. This is one of the earliest phtographs of that time, taken in the back garden of my mother's parents where we were staying for some months. With mother and father, from left to right: Carel, Niek jr, Aloys and myself.
A family gathering in Baarn where my mother's parents lived. Back row (left to right): Aunt Bep, Aunt Willy. Uncle Karel (priest), Aunt Carolina, mother and father. Seated middle row: Grandmother Wijngaards, Grandmother van Hoesel, Grandfather van Hoesel, Grandfather Wijngaards. Front row: myself, cousin Louis and Carel.
Me and Carel photographed in a photobooth.
Official photograph taken not long after our return from the war. I and Carel at the back, Niek jr and Aloys in front.
bemuurdeweerd 2
In 1947 we moved to Utrecht and lived in the Bemuurde Weerd. Our home was an apartment on the 2nd and 3rd floors over a milk shop. It can be seen as the narrow building just left of our group. The four of us: Carel, Niek jr, me and Aloys.
Another view of our home. It is the narrow building at the right, behind the small tree.
Carel (on left) and I (on the right) walking with Aunt Maya and Uncle Frans in Utrecht. Maya and Frans would soon be married.
Loenen bos
With our parents on holidays in Loenen. Father, Carel, me, Niek jr and Aloys.
Loenen modder
The four of us, again in Loenen: Niek jr, Carel, me and Aloys.
Father and mother on holidays in Loenen.
loenen1948 2
Another Loenen scene: me, mother and Carel.
In Utrecht Guus was born in 1949. Here we are seen together with mother. Niek jr, Aloys, Carel, Guus and myself.
Father with Niek jr (left), Guus and Aloys.
The Gregorius School in Utrecht wher Carel and I completed our primary education. Carel indicated by arrow from the left, I by arrow from the right.
missieh hoorn
The St Bonifacius Minor Seminary which Carel and I joined to study for the priesthood and missionary life. It lies in Hoorn in the province of North Holland.
After our first year in Hoorn, Carel and I were confirmed by Bishop Stam a missionary bishop retired from Kenya. In the front row starting from the middle: Mgr Stam, mother, father, Carel and I.
Annual photograph of staff and students at Hoorn in 1949. Carel indicated by arrow from the left, I by arrow from the right.
My brother Carel was suddenly found to have lung cancer. Here a last photograph not long before he died in 1951.
C N M Wijngaards
Prayer card to commemorate my brother Carel's death.
Tombstone of my brother Carel in the ground of the seminary at Hoorn.
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