AA 2480 035A  Hans and Jackie in Malang,old Dutch Hotel, during visit to Indonesia in 2001 AA 2480 018A  The bench stands on a bridge that crosses the 'Oude Gracht' in Utrecht, the Netherlands. jacqueline600  Jackie, cheerful as ever! hans9  Hans during an international conference
john jackiie  During an international conference Jackie and Hans are trying to access their email AA 2480 023A  Hans and Jackie at the Bemuurde Weerd in Utrecht. After the war, from 1947 to about 1960, the family Wijngaards lived in a flat over the milk shop still visible in dark red in the background (on the other side of the pedestrian bridge). Tilburg 11  Hans, Jackie and Sr Anne Miller attending the function in the aula of Tilburg University in which Hans received the Marga Klompe award. klompe19  Tilburg, 19 november 2005, aula Universiteit van Tilburg, prijsuitreiking Marga Klompé Stichting. Foto: Dolph Cantrijn
brussels  Jackie and Hans with Baron Georges Holvoet and Baroness Francoise Holvoet Bourguignon in their flat in Brussels. jackie Hans5 54620021  Jackie and Hans with Pauline, Jackie's younger sister, at her 60th birthday party in Canterbury.
003  Jackie and Hans with Jakub Zbrzezny in June 2013, at the entrance of the restaurant in Denham Garden Village.