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Experiencing Jesus

by John Wijngaards.

Published in India by Theological Publications, (1980) as Come and See
and Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1981.
© John Wijngaards. Republished on our website with the necessary permissions.


Section One - Experiencing Jesus

1. Jesus’ Promise
2. Real Experience or Imagination
3. God the Father
4. Jesus’word and Jesus’ Spirit
5. Scripture and Radiance

Section Two - Saints and Mystics Show the Way

6. Symeon the New Theologian
7. Therese of Lisieux
8. Francis of Assissi
9. Charles de Foucauld
10. Theresa of Avila
11. Simone Weil

Section Three - You Need to Take Steps

12. Have Time for God
13. Internalise Scripture
14. Go Beyond Symbols
15. Recognise the Moment

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