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The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church,

Unmasking a Cuckoo's Egg Tradition.

By John Wijngaards

Published by Darton Longman and Todd, London 2001.

© John Wijngaards. Republished on our website with the necessary permissions

1. The discovery
2. Papal teaching on slavery
3. A time for speaking
4. The mismatch in vision
5. The assessment of believers
6. Naming the culprit
7. The arguments found in ‘tradition’
8. Not created in God’s image?
9. Not allowed to teach?
10. Carrying the burden of Eve’s sin?
11. Deliberately left out by Jesus Christ?
12. Not human enough to represent Christ?
13. Verdict on the presumed ‘tradition’
14. Genuine Tradition
15. Nine centuries of women deacons
16. The Reality of Women Deacons
17. The devotion to Mary Priest
18. Women with a priestly vocation
19. Latent and dynamic tradition
20. Why should women be ordained in our time
21. Does the Church have the power to ordain women as priests?
22. Why should women be ordained in our time?

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