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Inherit the Master’s Cloak

by John Wijngaards

Published by Ave Maria Press, 1985.
Republished on our website with the necessary permissions


Introduction: Strangers at the Door of my Tent 11

Part One: The God of the Old Covenant

1. Escape from the Cannibal God 21
2. Finding the Culprit for Famine and Plague 31
3. Give and Take in a Pact of Love 39
4. Refusing Pork - and Make-believe 49
5. Building a home for a Travelling Spirit 57
6. Poring Perfume on Tired Feet 65
7. Fixing Our Gaze Beyond the Known Horizon 73
8. Ancient Prophets on My Mountain 83

Part Two: Making the Most of Prayer and reading

9. Munching Words, Digesting Images 91
10. Blind Guides That Swallow Camels 97
11. Welcome to the King of Glory 107
12. Light for Distant Nations 117
13. Flowers, Cedars and Mustard Trees 127
14. Adrift on the Deluge of Living 133

Part Three: Roots of Christian Discipleship

15. Standing With Two Feet on God’s Soil 145
16. Prophets and Witnesses of Our Master 151
17. Getting a Donkey Back on Its Feet 159
18. A Royal Envoy That Was Spat Upon 169
19. The Word That Makes People a People 177
20. Storing Treasures That Enrapture the Mind 185

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